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RIP Challenge – #1: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Atmosphere: Extreme Goth Chill factor: Sufficiently spine-tingling I’ve never been a fan of Dracula; somehow, the image of him, with his Brillantined-hair, cape, and bad manicure, appealed far less than Mary Shelley’s creature with its zipperneck, green complexion, and droopy … Continue reading

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What Knopf editors had to say

Nice essay on the publishing biz in the NY Times. Check out what Knopf editors had to say about some works that passed through their hands: The rejection files, which run from the 1940s through the 1970s, include dismissive verdicts … Continue reading

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Dracula & Frankenstein: Puritan nightmares?

I’m slowly making my way through Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Two things occurred to me: First: Aren’t Dracula and Frankenstein the absolutely perfect monsters for the Puritans — and by extension, the American psyche? I mean, monsters representing sex and technology. … Continue reading

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The mother lode

Since I haven’t finished any books to discuss, time for a little navel-gazing. I have lucked upon the mother lode of books: The Friends of Berkeley Public Library Bookstore. They have the most fabulous free cart, from which I’ve filched:Birds … Continue reading

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Books for the 6th anniversary of 9/11

This is borrowed from Dan Froomkin: New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani reviews Jack Goldsmith’s new book, “The Terror Presidency.” “The portrait of the Bush administration that Mr. Goldsmith — who resigned from the Office of Legal Counsel in … Continue reading

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RIP Challenge is here!

This blog appears to have fallen on some hard times. I’ve sorely neglected posting because I’ve got an Everest-steep learning curve at my new job. However, I must acknowledge the beginning of Carl V.’s RIP Challenge. This was great fun … Continue reading

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