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Happy All Hallow’s Eve

Today I wore jeans to work. I tell people that I’m a Constitutional Amendment. Have a fun one! Advertisements

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RIP Challenge – #5, The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton

Yay, I made it. By the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. I admit I saved a few of these stories for next year, but I’m counting it toward this year’s reading. I only wish I had more time to wax poetic … Continue reading

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Author, author: Contemporary writers

A quick post to note that I did come up with a list of favorite living, working authors. Thank heavens! 1. Michael Chabon2. Barbara Kingsolver3. Kate Atkinson4. T.C. Boyle5. K Ishiguro I’m sure there are more, and that readers may … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – Author, author

It’s Thursday, I’m tired. I thought I’d go for a Thursday 13, featuring my favorite fiction authors, in no particular order (and without including Shakespeare, who is a given): 1. Virginia Woolf2. Feodor Dostoevsky3. Edith Wharton4. Marcel Proust5. Ernest Hemingway6. … Continue reading

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Two gripes, plus a new read

Gripe 1) I hate Blogger. I had a really nice post and it crashed. Gripe 2) My job sucks. The people I immediately work with are nice, which makes it bearable. For the most part, other people in the company … Continue reading

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5 things you didn’t (want to) know about me

(Warning: gratuitous profanity and unwarranted snarkiness ahead. Kindly, goodhearted people should probably not read.) I wasn’t tagged on this meme, unsurprisingly, since my first reaction is: If I wanted you to know five things about me, I woulda told you. … Continue reading

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13 classics to read

I’m borrowing this idea (modified somewhat) from SFP over at Pages Turned. I’m committing to Proust in 2007, with Eliot and Melville the next highest priorities. My criteria: 1) I focused on world lit, not simply English lit, and a … Continue reading

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