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Back in Business…again

Hello, I am so happy to be back in business after literally years of hacking my way through other less-than-literary jungles. Advertisements

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Be careful or you could be fined.

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Friday ‘Fess Up

Well, you are all more than kind to welcome me back. Thank you! Today I fess up that I haven’t started my RIP reading yet. I am waiting for the Wilkie Collins book to arrive. I want to be sure … Continue reading

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She’s baaaack!

Hello, friends and fellow bloggers! I’ve been gone a long, long stretch – it has been a helluva year, I can tell you that much. Think: California budget cuts. Yeah, education plus recession equals no money for paper clips. However, … Continue reading

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Writers: get reviewed and distributed online offers writers a free platform to get their work reviewed and distributed online. And there’s a contest for writers and readers…

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A reading list for the ages!

Thanks to Sassymonkey for posting this list! It ought to keep many a serious reader busy for years!

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John Updike RIP

John Updike is dead at 76. Okay, he was never one of my favorites. I thought the Rabbit series were okay, but generally I didn’t relate well to the whole older man focused on his sexuality themes that Updike tended … Continue reading

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