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Letter meme

This is a meme from BookGirl. She gave me the letter “H,” and then I post 10 things I like that begin with that letter. Here’s my take: “Hello.” This greeting is almost always a positive. Same with “hugs,” “happiness” … Continue reading

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The Friday Buzz – Booksurge

Announcing a new tradition at The Literate Kitten! The Friday Buzz will examine one literary area – schools, fiction, genres, authors, booksellers, publishing, whatever – to report latest news and emerging trends. Today, I’m taking a look at’s “books-on-demand” … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – Magical thinking

Why can’t I finish Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking? I have two copies: one I bought myself and one I got for Christmas. Yet, twice I’ve started it and twice have failed to complete, though I have managed … Continue reading

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Love of reading e-newsletter

Hi, folks, I don’t know where I found this, but it’s pretty cool. Free book raffles!

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Apropos of nothing

This is how you really know you are mortal: 1. You wake up to find a patch of stinging rough skin on your right eyelid, a phenomenon you have never experienced before and which gives you a clear idea of … Continue reading

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My Uncle Napoleon

A funny farce that keeps numerous balls in air until the absolute end, My Uncle Napoleon is recommended reading for anyone interested in 1) what makes for good satire 2) how to illustrate character through dialogue 3) a slice of … Continue reading

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Finally finished a book

Hallelujah, I finished My Uncle Napoleon! Feels like a true accomplishment — there is something to be said for sticking out a book, even when your short attention span is just dying to move on to the next thing. And … Continue reading

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