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A new job…a new life?

Now, I’m not into divulging or indulging into personal schtuff here at the LK. This occasion, however, deserves a nod: Got a new job! Some notes on getting a new job at age forty-whatever-the number is-it’s-late-in-the-game: 1. It’s much more … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday

Oh, folks, it has been quite a ride the past few weeks. I STILL can’t reveal details (not quite YET), but I am about 5-1/2 pounds heavier from all the stress eating. (If it’s not deep fried, it can’t soak … Continue reading

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It’s cool to be…Librarian

The universe is still deciding the fate of my life, it seems. In the meantime, have you seen this NY Times article on “the new Librarian?” Here’s an excerpt: Librarians? Aren’t they supposed to be bespectacled women with a love … Continue reading

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Have you all seen this? It pretty much rocks. The next few days will tell if my life changes dramatically … or remains dramatically the same. To be continued….

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Free audio books

Free audio books from the public domain! Could be interesting. Neat-o, they have a horror story collection, including one from Charles Dickens. Give thanks to Kirsten for this one!

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