The mother lode

Since I haven’t finished any books to discuss, time for a little navel-gazing.

I have lucked upon the mother lode of books: The Friends of Berkeley Public Library Bookstore.

They have the most fabulous free cart, from which I’ve filched:
Birds of America, Lorrie Moore
On Beauty, Zadie Smith
Proust, the Early Years, George Painter
Wilderness Tips, Margaret Atwood
George Sand, A Biography, Curtis Cate

And this is what I’ve found on their shelf of 3-for-$1 books:
Miss Alcott of Concord, Marjorie Alcott Worthington
9/11 Commission Report
Best Short Stories of The New Yorker (1922-1940)
Alfred Hitchock’s Stories My Mother Never Told Me

I try not to get too greedy, selecting books I really want to read or ones that are out-of-print or hard to come by. I plan on returning as many of the free books as I can, once I’ve read them. Otherwise, my apartment floors will start sagging under the weight!

My wish for all you readers out there is that you find your own mother lode nearby!

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10 Responses to The mother lode

  1. verbivore says:

    Those are some wonderful books! I love Birds of America – its one of my favorite. Hope you enjoy!


  2. Dorothy W. says:

    Nice haul! Those are some nice free books — no wonder you snapped them up. I’ve never read Moore, but she does sound interesting.


  3. Courtney says:

    excellent acquisitions! My local library sale is next saturday and I am really looking forward to it. have a great weekend!


  4. danielle says:

    Wow–I never find books that are that good marked “free”–how nice! They all sound good.


  5. Yogamum says:

    Hey LK, I saw your comment over at Charlotte’s that you can’t read my blog. Email me and I’ll try to figure it out:yogagumbo (atsign) gmail (dot) com


  6. nova says:

    Wow! I wish I could happen upon a place like that in NY!


  7. stefanie says:

    Nice! My library used to have a free cart but then they realized they could make a few dollars by selling the free books to their patrons. I miss the ress cart. I got some good stuff off it.


  8. Andi says:

    Goodness, those are GREAT books to be freebies or cheapies. 😀


  9. J.S. Peyton says:

    At the rate I’m going, I think I need to stay as far away from the a mother load as possible. In fact, I’m currently attempting to avoid getting within a two block radius of a bookstore. Anything less is courting danger…But, that’s quite a stash you escaped with there. I’ve been trying to get my hands on some Lorrie Moore for quite some time now.


  10. Let me get this straight – the book store has a library shelf and people actually return the books they take? That is so cool! (I’m easily amused but I’m sure you already knew that about me.)


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