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Name that guilty pleasure

I’m due for a long Proust blog, but as I’m only 16 pages into the second volume, “In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower” (the cumbersome title makes me grumpy), I will cheat with a Monday poll: Dear reader, … Continue reading

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Just finish off that damned mockingbird, will ya?

A few sentences in this review by Meghan O’Rourke of a new Harper Lee biography really bothered LK, and it’s time for a pouncing: Even so, Mockingbird fails to offer as nuanced a portrait of Lee as one would hope … Continue reading

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Proust or Joyce: Who would be the better blogger?

I am inclined to imagine Marcel banging away at an iBook, with popcorn ceilings above and walls stapled with cardboard egg cartons. Somehow I feel Joyce would sneer at authoring a blog; too proletarian. Any ideas on what Proust’s blog … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday

And now, to elevate Thursday to the same status as other days of the week (many of which are featured in popular songs), LK continues to amuse the muse by musing. What makes this Thursday different from any other Thursday? … Continue reading

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What do you do when you’re in the reading doldrums?

You know the feeling: You’re dying to get lost in a new read, have an author haul you by the roots of your hair into a universe far away from your own, find an un-put-downable tome that you keep at … Continue reading

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Perfect summer reading

A few days in the High Sierra…peace, quiet, nature. And now back to more than a hundred hideous work-related e-mails. So we’re taking a few moments to preserve the vacation mentality a bit longer. Found the perfect book to take … Continue reading

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Thanks for the involuntary memories

Over at Involuntary Memory, Stefanie and Dorothy have engaged in a discussion over the madeleine scene in the Combray section of the book, which Stefanie cites as an example of involuntary memory. She goes on to say: What I find … Continue reading

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