Letter meme

This is a meme from BookGirl. She gave me the letter “H,” and then I post 10 things I like that begin with that letter. Here’s my take:

“Hello.” This greeting is almost always a positive. Same with “hugs,” “happiness” and “hope.”

Hummingbirds. My favorite bird. They’re like feathered hearts, flying around.

Hammett and Hellman. Writing mentors. Long-time lovers. Independent lives. My idea of a match made in heaven.

Hemingway. Forget his novels (except for The Sun Also Rises) and forget his macho shtick. His short stories and By-Lines (journalism) are marvelous.

Habeas corpus. It was nice while it lasted.

Hot fudge sundaes. Anyone who doesn’t like a hot fudge sundae probably hates puppies and butterflies, too.

Billie Holiday. One of the best vocalists, ever. If you don’t believe me, listen to “God Bless the Child.”

Halloween. Speaking of holidays, this is a fun one. I love reading gothic novels and ghost stories, watching spooky movies, eating candy and breathing in the crisp autumn air. The holiday you can’t take seriously. Halloween rocks!

Hiking. My favorite “back to nature” activity.

Humor. Can’t have enough sense of it. Can’t get enough of it.

Want to do this meme? Leave me a comment below and I’ll pick a letter for you.

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14 Responses to Letter meme

  1. zia says:

    Habeas Corpus … your comment on that one made me laugh! Which just goes to show what an insensitive lout I am …


  2. Lesley says:

    Since you’re a fan of hiking, have you ever tried geocaching?


  3. iliana says:

    Good stuff! And, I love Halloween, my favorite holiday.


  4. LK says:

    Humor, Zia, humor. Glad you got it.

    Lesley, no, haven’t tried geocaching. I googled it, and it seems like you need a GPS system, which I don’t have. Will have to read up on it. What’s the appeal?

    Iliana, yep, Halloween — the goofy holiday that still involves more fun than stress.


  5. LK says:

    Oh, and I wasn’t sure if you wanted to play, but if so:

    Zia, “A”

    Lesley, “D”

    Iliana, “G”


  6. charlotte says:

    I want to play! I need something light and funny in my life right now. Thanks, LK, for providing it.


  7. Stefanie says:

    Great “H” answers. Halloween is the best holiday.


  8. LK says:

    Charlotte, I hereby bequeathe you the letter “L”.


  9. LK says:

    Iliana, didn’t realize you were THE Book Girl. Thanks for the letter meme — it seems to be wending its way around.


  10. Hey lady, thanks for the “p” – I shall post mine tomorrow 😀


  11. mandarine says:

    I have asked Charlotte for the letter k (as in litKitten) but in case she refuses, could you be my backup k supplier?


  12. LK says:

    Mandarine, ‘kay. 🙂


  13. Dragonfly says:

    Hi there. I’m a friend of Zia’s. I would love a letter.



  14. LK says:

    Hi, Dragonfly, welcome! How about the letter “W?”


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