Well, at the risk of losing readership and blog cred, I am withdrawing the kitten claws and forgoing the blog for a while.

My attention and energy need to be elsewhere for a while.

Hopefully, I’ll be back, better than ever. Til then, happy blogging to you all!

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17 Responses to Later…

  1. Yogamum says:

    I’ll miss you, but I’ll still be reading when you get back!


  2. Jade Park says:

    will be here when you get back!


  3. d. chedwick says:

    Miisss You– will keep checking in.


  4. Dorothy W. says:

    Have a great break, and we’ll be here when you get back. Feed readers are wonderful for just this purpose …


  5. lisaalber says:

    That’s too bad, but read you when you’re back.


  6. Andi says:

    Will certainly miss you, but put your energies where they need to be, and we’ll be where when you return.


  7. stefanie says:

    Have a nice break!


  8. bhadd says:

    Auf wiedershen!


  9. Melanie says:

    Hope all is well. We’ll be ready to read when you return.


  10. Oh says:

    Looking forward to your return!


  11. says:

    ‘fessing up continues, and it’ll be great to see you when you get back. And if you want to have tea, e-mail me! xoxox, L


  12. Courtney says:

    damn damn damn. In the meantime we will all keep up the fessing in your honor. Please return as soon as possible…you are one of my favorites.Courtney


  13. Oh, Lit Kitty,I will miss you. Hurry back, and good luck with what you’re doing.


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