Calling all writers


Calling all writers: would-be, wannabe, published, unpublished!

To help us all keep motivated, I hereby start the ‘Fess Up Friday at The Literate Kitten. Here’s how it will work:

Every Friday I will post my own ‘Fess Up Friday, confessing what I did (or did not do) to achieve my writing goals for the week. You will see that, with me, reading, blogging, journaling — just about anything counts. (Betcha I’ll even find a way to make watching So You Think You Can Dance part of my writing goals.)

If you’d like to participate, just sign your link below. You can always comment on my blog or post a ‘Fess Up Friday of your own.

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44 Responses to Calling all writers

  1. Charlotte says:

    Fab idea, Ms LK! I’m with ya …


  2. LK says:

    Yay, Charlotte!!!! I feel more motivated already!


  3. Courtney says:

    I signed up, but can I start next week? I’ll be traveling this friday…


  4. Litlove says:

    Oh yes, confession and absolution absolutely necessary!


  5. bookfraud says:

    what a great idea.but i’m scared. really scared.


  6. Yogamum says:

    Excellent idea.I’m scared too!


  7. Andi says:

    Sounds like fun!


  8. wyrdbyrd says:

    Hey! YogaMum told me about your ‘Fess Up Friday plans, so thought I’d join up! (I hope I remember to do it!)Thanks for starting this.


  9. smithereens says:

    Excellent idea! I need to have some kind of weekly mark to start doing something!


  10. LK says:

    Y’all, I am so terrified, it’s paralyzing. But, we can all be terrified together! πŸ™‚ To me, it’s all about being kind and gentle about your writing, but also to keep it front of mind. So, participate how and when you wish. You’ll soon see how fast and loose I play with my so-called writing schedule!Look forward to working with you all…


  11. damned_cat says:

    ever since graduating from my english program, i’ve floundered. no deadlines? no product. great idea!


  12. LK says:

    Great to have another feline on board!


  13. bloglily says:

    How fun! I ‘fess up pretty much every day on a page on my blog called “writing stats” — but maybe on Fridays I’ll do something far more confessional or at least far more summing up than my usual quick note. Thank you for organizing this, Ms. Kit.


  14. Kim says:

    Well this was fate. I sat down with the intention of setting up some sort of writing accountability post on my blog each day or week because, yes, I care way too much what people think. Anyway, I checked in with Bloglily’s writing stats page which is such a comfort and inspiration to me and found ‘Fess up Fridays. Love this!!


  15. Dark Orpheus says:

    Just a question: if we sign it, it doesn’t mean we need to produce deathless prose, does it? We can just do it — for fun?


  16. LK says:

    Glad to have everyone aboard! To Dark O’s question: Whatever you want to get out of it is okay! I’m trying to personally loosen up the prose and have some fun. Admittedly, it’s a task (!) throwing all the angst to the winds.


  17. verbivore says:

    I’m in – what a fabulous idea.


  18. Interesting idea.


  19. Terri says:

    I can always use more motivation. The weekly confessional is a great idea. Thanks!


  20. Melanie says:

    Although I’m so terrified by this idea that it’s taken me 2 weeks to work up to signing up, I will join in. I may not post anything more than within comments on your blog for a while; not sure I’ll be doing anything worth posting about, but I now have to try! Thanks for the idea.


  21. Terri says:

    Have you any interest in setting this up like the Sunday Salon – it goes through Yahoo Pipes so all the blogs show up together via an RSS reader. Bloggers just need to sign up and then use a specific title for their blog entry.


  22. mari says:

    I’ll give this a try! Found you through the lovely bloglily πŸ™‚best, m


  23. Jade Park says:

    here is my comment! i have been doing this for 2 fridays now–good idea, what a great idea for us to be accountable! πŸ™‚


  24. Thomma Lyn says:

    I found out about you from Writer Reading. Sounds like a great idea — I’m in! πŸ™‚


  25. Jamey says:

    i’m fessing up, too!


  26. Melis says:

    I think this will help me, I’m getting better at writing more and procrastinating less, but I still have a ways to go.


  27. ovidiayu says:

    just found your site (after reading numerous ‘fess ups on some of my favourite blogreads) & really want to try this because I really NEED some kind of external motivation/shame prodding!Thank you!!


  28. Mei_Bee says:

    Good idea! should be lotsa fun! πŸ™‚


  29. lisaalber says:

    This sounds like great fun. Thanks for getting it going!


  30. Qugrainne says:

    Somewhere, my comment to you got lost, and your comment to me went in the spam bucket! Well. I made a confession last week, and I will have to make another one this week. I am enjoying your site – thanks for the inspiration to look at what I have accomplished in all writing areas.


  31. I’m tempted to join… but I’m so far behind that I’m already embarassed…yikes…


  32. Uh…doh!! I was so envoius of everyone else’s participation and dedication that I came here to sign up — only to realize that I already had, but that I have given you an erroneous link.My heavens!! I will be adding myself again…with a corrected link.Is it possible for you to delete the other inappropriate one?Thanks!


  33. pete says:

    I finally decided to join your Friday fessional – and good to see that I’m not the only one that’s anxious about it.


  34. Oh says:

    I am looking forward to this! It also helps keep me organized and on track, something I struggle with. My “work” day is so structured, I tend to be rather blithe in my free time.


  35. oh says:

    Truth: I’m only a week into fess up friday but like it/need it. I’m having a wee bit o’ guilt for not having accomplished more so have upped my goals and took inspiration at the bookstore tonight. Working on a writing exercise and looking forward to time at my writing desk in the early a.m. (I love getting up early when I don’t HAVE to get up early.)


  36. terena says:

    Excellent idea! Thanks for inviting me.


  37. Chicklit says:

    Great idea! I’m starting this first thing tomorrow.


  38. says:

    may i forward a query about my short story collection which has won several awards and garnered remarkable reviews — Down to a Sunless Sea?


  39. marcia says:

    Just what I need to get me back into the saddle. recently had my first book published, “Always on Sunday”, and have taken a couple of months off. Now am itching to return to my laptop and start a new project. Don’t know what yet, but it will come to me. Thanks for this very interesting and inspiring site. Will check in on Fridays and see where it leads.


  40. Lisa R. says:

    The best kind of writing motivator — at least for me — is accountability.So I sign up for all these sort of things, make promises to my writing buddies to report on my progress, use red ink in my writing calendar to keep me honest — all that stuff.And if you can’t fess up on a Friday and have a sense of humor about it, well then you might as well pack it in.Good luck y’all.


  41. Okay, here we go. I’m taking out my paper and pen today and will do my best to have something decent by Friday. My writing life really has to be resurrected. Thanks for this!


  42. Kait Nolan says:

    What a great idea! I have been putting up daily progress reports, but that’s boring to everyone but me, so I’d rather have a single day where I confess to my peers!


  43. ThirdCat says:

    just what I need! Even if I am joining in late.


  44. Suko says:

    Is it too late to join?


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