‘Fess Up Friday: Oops

OKay, this was a crazy week, and I lost my momentum.

I started having doubts about my mystery idea. Sort of being shot down before I even start. But I’m going to forge ahead anyway. I guess I just have to blow through all these writer’s blocks and get down to serious business.

I will add some other ‘Fesser’s tips a bit later…hope everyone is having a great week.

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13 Responses to ‘Fess Up Friday: Oops

  1. Andi says:

    To quote everyone who has helped me when I’ve been where you are (which is about every six minutes or so), keep at it. . . if you want to write then you need to write and people need to read it.


  2. Courtney says:

    ditto what andi said! Have a great weekend, Litkit- i AM going to shoot you an email this weekend!


  3. Melis says:

    I just started doing this. I’ve been meaning to write a book and media review blog for over a year now. So now I’ve started it and my goal is to write something every day in it and also write in my painting blog every day.One of these days I’m going to write something besides blog posts but for now I think just writing something on a regular basis is much better than sitting around thinking about writing.


  4. Thomma Lyn says:

    Hi, LK! I’m a new participant in ‘Fess Up Friday, and I found out about you through < HREF="http://ritereading.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Writer Reading<>. I’m a novelist who aspires to publication. I have two completed rough drafts, and I’m working on a third. This week, I made excellent progress rough-drafting my third. Got roughly (pun slightly intended 😉 ) 7,000 words written since last Friday.Good luck to everyone — ‘Fess Up Friday is a neat idea. I like the accountability factor. 🙂


  5. Just signed on today after following a trail from TJ’s blog. Great idea. Putting a little pressure on is always helpful for me!!And I agree. Just sit down and write, and let someone read. Nothing like immediate humbleness! I will enjoy reading all the Friday ‘fessions.


  6. Melanie says:

    I haven’t done very much at all this week! Don’t know where the days went.


  7. bloglily.com says:

    What Brandon said.I mean, go litkit! I’d say the shot down thing is pretty common, huh? Just keep going, though, for a while longe — I think good things will come of it.xoxox


  8. mari says:

    I wish I knew a little more about your mystery idea because I LOVE mysteries, thrillers, and crime novels. It’s easy to second-guess yourself; I think it’s part of the process. It can stop you, however, if you think too much about whether your idea is good. Keep charging ahead, even if all you write is, “He stood up and said hello.” Good luck!


  9. OK, fessing up. I went through a writing notebook and ripped out a lot of useless pages and put them in the shredder at work. Then I found some useful pages and turned a few into poems on my poetry blog. There are a few useful pages left in the now very thin notebook which are possible short story buds. There must be forty such notebooks floating around. My goal, however, is to write short stories and a novella/novel. No progress. The poems are a recent sidetrack to improve my prose, but I find myself lured into the compressed language and forms of poetry and wondering, hmmm, I really like doing this for itself. I meant to read this week and as usual had no time except for the newspaper which had a lot of sad (China) and crazy (Hilary Clinton on Bobby Kennedy’s asassination) news. Fiction could never come close. Oh, and I watched Star Trek on TV. That’s fiction. No?


  10. Dark Orpheus says:

    Blow away, LK. Sometimes it can be good just to charge through a block. Or at least, just keep at it until something happens. Sometimes it helps.


  11. smithereens says:

    Just go for it, LK! Mysteries are fun to write, if you allow yourself to be surprised by your own plot (don’t over-plan, that is!) Good luck!


  12. novaren says:

    I relate with your “oops” week. Hopefully your doubts will just work to bring up even stronger ideas for your story! Good luck, and as said above, go for it!


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