Daily Lit

I am sure I am among the last to know about this: Daily Lit.

They email you a page of a book a day. Some are free!

I picked a shortish Agatha Christie to start. I am not sure how I’ll like the experience of reading via email, but I am willing to try.

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8 Responses to Daily Lit

  1. bookfraud says:

    i don’t know who came up with this, but it’s frickin’ brilliant. sign me up.


  2. Stephen says:

    I tried this for a while but couldn’t get on with it. I think the problem was using my work email, and work and literature didn’t sit comfortably together.


  3. verbivore says:

    I really like Daily Lit. I’ve started several books through them, although usually I get impatient and just go get a copy of whatever I’m reading in order to finish.


  4. Lisa says:

    I love Daily Lit. The trick (for me) is to get several books going at once. Then when you finish one you have almost a whole second (or third) book waiting to be read. You can read one installment a day or 30 without having to click that “mail me the next installment now!” option. I also use gmail and sort them into folders so they don’t get mixed into anything else. It’s great.


  5. Iliana says:

    I’ve thought about signing up but I don’t know how well I’d enjoy it. Do you print out the email or just read from your computer? I think I’d have to print it out which at that point I might as well as get the book! ha.


  6. Kloggers says:

    I have not heard of this yet but it sounds like a great opportunity. To the best of my knowledge it hasn’t as yet been advertised in England. Useful post.


  7. Dark Orpheus says:

    I tried DailyLit last year and managed about one-third of The Moon and Sixpence before I decided I am a “book-in-hand” reader. And they don’t actually have a lot of titles I’m looking for yet.Good luck with it — but be careful – reading close texts onscreen too long harms the eyes.


  8. bloglily says:

    I read a very funny book, via daily lit, the name of which I cannot now remember, all about a Victorian gentleman who got a lot of stuff done simply by arranging to have his tea ready for him when he woke up at some ungodly early hour. It was inspiring and silly. Have fun with this!


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