Blogger belched

I think Blogger had indigestion this weekend; my 3 most recent posts seem to have been passed.

Ah, well. Nothing lasts.

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7 Responses to Blogger belched

  1. verbivore says:

    So strange – I could read your posts in my bloglines account but when I clicked here to leave a comment they didn’t exist. But I wanted to say your post on what you think bloggers look like made me laugh out loud. Complicated shoes indeed! Well… ok, I do really like fun shoes 🙂


  2. litlove says:

    Just like verbivore, I read your post but couldn’t comment. You were pretty accurate with me, I must say, although I was going to add that I live in jeans, if that helps any! the whole post made me laugh.


  3. bookfraud says:

    ach, i thought it was just me. it seemed to work for a day, but when i returned, poof! blogger did the same thing to me.would love to see them up again…


  4. Kate S. says:

    Now that I’ve read the comments about the posts, I really wish I could have read the posts themselves! How odd that they vanished on you.


  5. LK says:

    It’s all very strange indeed. I wish I could retrieve the drafts, but they are nowhere to be found.


  6. bookfraud says:

    sad, so sad. this happened to me not so long ago on blogger; the posts just vanished into the ether. i just switched to wordpress — they have backup.


  7. verbivore says:

    I actually saved “as new” one of the posts in my bloglines account so will email it to you!


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