Planning a plan

The illustrious Bloglily asked fellow writers (including me, and boy do I feel like a sham) how they go about planning their novels.

Naturally, she and a few other authors have posted some nifty replies.

I’m still planning mine…

See, I don’t really have a plan, and that is part of the trouble. To wit:

Plan A: In 2000, I quit my full-time job to freelance, because I had gotten some encouragement from some major authors and their agents. I was supposed to work on The Novel. Well, I was so freaked out by not having steady income, that I pretty much just focused on that. Now, in my defense, I did have a sort of a plan: I managed to join 3 different editing and writing consultant places, covering both coasts, which found me jobs for a small fee. That left me time to 1) write and 2) find other jobs. Which sort of worked til 9/11.

Plan B: When I found a full-time job after 9/11 I still managed to write and do many writing-related activities. I wrote and published several short stories, managed to win some fellowships and travel abroad, and somehow by a miracle, yet another agent contacted me about…The Novel. And, somehow I managed to work on The Novel–but in an uncomfortably haphazard way. That is, I did some free-writing and then I tried to come up with a plan. And then I reworked the plan. And then I reworked the plan. Soon, I was working on the plan more than…The Novel. Then the job became a nightmare of overwork, which left me little time for anything other than plugging the constantly sprouting holes in my soul from which the job sucked all life force.

Which leads me to…

Plan C: Okay, as most of you know, I quit said-nasty job and fled back to the erudite University environment, which has a comforting amount of vitality, learning, and stimulation. Hurray! Though this job has had a strikingly difficult learning curve (okay, I had to learn about 5 different computer applications), I can feel the life force of my soul returning. Therefore, I will be soon coming up with a plan to share with Bloglily and all of my fellow writers out there.

Until then, I am going to rip off ideas from Bloglily, Hob, Debbie, Nova, Relaxed Dad, Mike, and all of the others who post some plans out there. Courtney, are you listening?

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7 Responses to Planning a plan

  1. bloglily says:

    I too can feel that life force returning! It’s moving down College Avenue, turning right on Claremont and illuminating the block where I live. You have a lot of time ahead of you, and it sounds like you’ve got some important things out of the way — making a living is no small concern, and sometimes that is the only thing you can think about and do for quite a while. I’m glad you’re getting into a good place. I want to hear more about that novel!


  2. LK says:

    You will, Bloglily, you will! I think you are going to be a great inspiration. I LOVE your plans (and your friend’s organizational chart) — I have such a lack in that area, so those are tools I can borrow. I am glad the life force is returning to you too! I thought I saw a bright, golden glow around the Star Grocery area…


  3. Dorothy W. says:

    It’s good to hear that the life force is returning! I hope plan C works out quite well and that the novel gets going again.


  4. Courtney says:

    Moi, Courtney? Yes, I am listening.and recognizing myself.I’ll finish my novel in 2008 if you will.Courtney


  5. We cannot agree more about the University environment!


  6. LK says:

    Dorothy W., thank you so much for your support.Courtney, who else??? Okay, let’s make it work (to quote Tim Gunn).Ched, literate kittens abound in the world. It’s grand!


  7. Andi says:

    Wow, good wishes for getting back into the swing and getting The Novel in motion! It sounds like a very promising endeavor!


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