Reading Dangerously…I like it!

Now that I’m back and refreshed (more on my vacation later this week, I promise! I actually need time to absorb all of the experience before I can write about it.), I’ve been chomping at the bit to get to a scholarship year — that is, a year of writing and reading at a top level. Now that I work at a top University, I will access reading lists of the master’s and PhD candidates. (Who knows? Maybe I can become a PhD candidate myself.)

Two ideas I like: Estella and Heather’s “Year of Reading Dangerously.” Okay, while I may pick and choose which novels in my 12 months, I admire their choices and will try to read along at least some of the time.

I also like this from Deweymonster: Reading from the New York Times Most Notable 100 Books of 2007.

I will probably combine the two.

In addition to continuing Proust, finishing Don Quixote and dipping into the NYT Most Notables, I want to tackle authors I’ve feared, classical literature, medieval literature, literary criticism, contemporary authors who are considered great, and some new names. Some of these authors include:

James Joyce
Don DeLillo
Toni Morrison
Virginia Woolf
Philip Roth
Salman Rushdie
Stewart O Nan
Ismail Kadare
Orman Pahmuk
Gary Shteyngart
Willa Cather
Margaret Atwood

I wanted to write them down for posterity, so I have a list to work with for the upcoming year.

Plus, I’ve started Hunchback of Notre Dame, which so far, I love.

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10 Responses to Reading Dangerously…I like it!

  1. bloglily says:

    An inspiring list, LK! I’m so glad you’re doing this and want to hear a lot more…


  2. Dewey says:

    You have some serious book-joy ahead of you with some of those writers! I can’t take credit for the notable books idea. There’s a whole blog for people who are going to read books from various notable books.


  3. Courtney says:

    Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!


  4. Andi says:

    SO glad to have you for the Year of Reading Dangerously. From the looks of that list you have a wonderful year ahead of you!


  5. verbivore says:

    Oh this is just wonderful! I can’t wait to hear more as you start working through these books. As Dewey said, serious joy.


  6. litlove says:

    That’s a very impressive list! I love Margaret Atwood and Philip Roth, and Virginia Woolf (although I’ve never read her primarily for pleasure – mostly there’s been work involved). Looking forward very much to what you have to say about them!


  7. LK says:

    Bloglily, thank you. Glad to hear from you!Dewey, thank you for the link. I’ll take a peek.Courtney, hey there, how are you? Trip stuff coming soon. (I’m still overcoming my travel bug, believe it or not. I am defying the laws of physics by not losing weight even after three weeks’ of dysentery.)Andi, you guys were the inspiration. I am looking forward to following your progress as well.Verbi, thanks! I am eager to rip into some challenging reading.Litlove, thank you! I quail a bit with Virginia. When I read her lush prose, I get so overwrought I have to stop. It’s almost like a stimulant to me! I only have read Atwood’s Cat’s Eye and have not touch Philip Roth since Ghost Writer. I have Atwood’s Blind Assasin and some short stories, so I’m all primed and ready to go.


  8. Impressive list– I learn from your lists. I have only read 9 of these, and some more than others. I love Willa Cather!


  9. Dorothy W. says:

    I really love the idea of tackling authors you’ve feared in the past — I’m sure you’ll get over your fear in each and every one of those cases! I think it’ll be interesting to see how your perception of these authors changes once you’ve read them.


  10. Yay, you are going to be a dangerous reader 🙂I’m STILL trying to finish Don Quixote. Sigh.


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