Happy Halloween from The Literate Kitten

Today I went to work dressed as a middle-aged disgruntled employee.

Have a boo-tiful day!

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8 Responses to Happy Halloween from The Literate Kitten

  1. J.S. Peyton says:

    I wish I could have dressed up. : ( Ah, well. Maybe next year. Happy Halloween!


  2. Eloise says:

    Ha! Me too! I love the picture. Hope you enjoyed a suitably spooky evening.


  3. Dorothy W. says:

    And I went to work as an overworked, stressed-out English teacher …


  4. Bridget says:

    This was one of the best things I read all day! Thanks for the laugh.


  5. Charlotte says:

    And I would have thought you’d have been a kitten with books under her arm. So disappointed!That was very funny, LK, and I loved the picture.


  6. Andi says:

    I showed up to work as a disgruntled English teacher!!!


  7. stefanie says:

    Hah! Happy Halloween! I went dressed as a disgruntled employee who has an interview to sneak off to in the middle of the afternoon 🙂


  8. litlove says:

    Happy Halloween! I showed up to my son’s parent’s evening at school. My husband and I did consider whether we’d try to trick or treat the teachers, but decided against it…


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