Effing Blogger

Darn, I used a new template and lost all my sidebars, including all of my reading accomplishments for this year.

Damn you, Blogger!

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7 Responses to Effing Blogger

  1. I got screwed by Blogger, too. My site was hosted there until they launched the new Beta version and they lost all of my posts. I fled to Typepad.I also now use this free service:https://www.blogbackuponline.com/techrigy/signup.aspx


  2. Nocturne says:

    tell me about it – i lost everything upgrading to grandbeta, and then hated the fare, so i had to downgrade again t get a template i liked. on the other hand, your new template rocks. 🙂


  3. Brandon says:

    Effing Blogger, indeed. Like Matthew, I fled to greener pastures–which is to say, TypePad. WordPress was okay, except that I hated the templates. I almost went with Squarespace, but they were a bitch to figure out. TypePad is worth the price of admission. I have no complaints whatsoever about them.


  4. stefanie says:

    Sorry for your blogger woes. I learned early on always make a backup of your code before making changes in Blogger. Or, better yet, switch to something else. I am so happy to be at WordPress, though I do wish there were more templates.


  5. Norma says:

    Reminds to to do a template backup. Thanks.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Suggestion: Save the html before massive changes. Then you can put it mostly back if disaster happens.


  7. LK says:

    You all are so right! Save your HTML template code! This is actually a valuable lesson that is better to have learned here than at my new job…


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