On the Road – 50th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is September 5. (I hope to attend a reading at Vesuvio’s, one of the old Beat hangouts in San Francisco.)

Here’s an interesting article from the UK Guardian. (And an amazingly unimpressive one from the New York Times.) {Note: Here’s another — better — article from NYT.)

According to the Guardian, Kerouac’s image has been prostituted by “a range of Jack Kerouac clothing launched in America.” Ugh.

On a more positive note, Viking Penguin has published On the Road: The Original Scroll, the full, uncensored text.

This looks cool, too. Check out Kerouac’s postcards…

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5 Responses to On the Road – 50th Anniversary

  1. Brandon says:

    The NYT is “amazingly” unimpressive? I’ve always thought its unimpressiveness was a given. Maybe that explains why I haven’t looked at the NYT in–gosh, I don’t know how long. (If memory serves, I stopped reading it when I came across a stupid and impressively unfunny essay about books set to showtunes. Or something to that effect.)


  2. LK says:

    Brandon, you are such a cynic. But that’s why we love you.


  3. Love Jack. Thanks for the Links.


  4. maybe the Kerouac clothes were launched in the USA , but the creator of the line is European, and they claim the launch was in Paris. A $1,500 jacket is hardly anything like Jack would have worn anyway.


  5. Dewey says:

    I went to visit the scroll! I posted some very blurry, illegal photos of it in my blog.


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