2007: The halfway mark

I guess it’s the pessimist in me, but the fact that 2007 is nearly half over makes me sad and queasy. I feel as if I’m neck-deep in water and running in place. A mad expenditure of energy to get nowhere.

Maybe that frame of mind is affecting my evaluation at how my literary endeavors have gone thus far.

A couple of noted accomplishments, however: My “Months of Reading” idea seems to be working so far for me. I feel focused without being reined in. I also feel good about the volume sizes I’ve managed to work my way through. Young Girls in Flower, Cat’s Eye, My Uncle Napolean and Portrait of a Lady are all hefty novels. And, I’m quite pleased with the quality and variety of my reading; I’m especially proud that I’ve managed to fit in 3 classics.

Well, 3, once I finish Don Quixote, which may wind up topping the “best of” list for 2007.

What do I hope to accomplish by year’s end?

1) More classic literature, hopefully by at least 1 author I have not yet read. Bob Dylan suggested Balzac’s Cousin Bette, which I must say intrigues me. I also have Hunchback of Notre Dame waiting in the wings (think it’s time for some French masters).
2) Jane Austen. Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey (plus Lady Susan) are languishing on the shelves. I’d like to make my way through at least 1 of them. Northanger Abbey is a likely candidate for the…
3) RIP Challenge. I’ve been working on my list of gothic and horror since last year. Dracula, anyone?
4) Horror Story Short Challenge. I plan to host this in October, to promote, read and examine the short horror story genre.

Oh, and Kate, please let me know if or when you’d like to take on Dud Avocado!

What are your literary plans for the remainder of 2007?

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14 Responses to 2007: The halfway mark

  1. Charlotte says:

    I’m not reading to plan, but I do intend to blog more about the books I read. Writing about a book seems to fix it in my memory better (also it gives me a reference point), and if I don’t it does fade somewhat.


  2. Dorothy W. says:

    I’ve been thinking about reading Cousin Bette too (although who knows when I actually will …). I’d join you in reading Dracula, but that was my RIP challenge from last year. I loved it!


  3. J.S. Peyton says:

    My plans are to read as much and as widely as possible (as usual). I have a number of wonderful titles on my TBR list this year and I look forward to completing them all before the end of the year…But LK it’s only June! The glass isn’t empty, it’s half full…


  4. I just read a FREAKY short story by truman capote–called “Muriel” it scared me.


  5. Right now I can only think of trying to fit in all the reading I’d like for the month of June.:-) Seriously though, I am involved with quite a few challenges right now and hope to continue with those, maybe join one or two more if time permits towards the latter half of the year.


  6. litlove says:

    LK, I feel exactly the same about the year. It seems to have slipped through my fingers and I have nothing to show for it. I guess my plan is to try to do a bit better with the 6 months that remain!


  7. LK says:

    Charlotte, I will keep an eye out for your lit blogs!Dorothy W., I remember you had that funny annotated version of Dracula, right? I don’t have that version, but I am looking forward to reading it.J.S. — ha, you are so right! Some days I feel the glass is half full, but most of the time, unfortunately, I feel that the half-empty glass is going to break…!Ched, hmm, never heard of it. That might make a good candidate for the Horror Short Challenge.Literary Feline, I think you are wise to focus on what’s immediately ahead. That’s a good thought for me to keep in mind. FOCUS ON JUNE!Litlove, oh, thank you for sharing and making me feel less alone. I guess that is my whole point: Trying to do a bit better with what remains! In reading, in life.


  8. Dark Orpheus says:

    Just being able to finish Proust in 2007 will make me a happy puppy. That – and finishing all the challenges I signed up for.These days we need to look at more realistic goals. Where did half the year go?


  9. Kate S. says:

    LK,I finally got my hands on a copy of <>The Dud Avocado<> and I’m ready to begin whenever you are!


  10. Imani says:

    Oh do go for <>Northanger Abbey<> — it’s one of my favourite Austen novels. And a vote for Balzac because he rarely disappoints.I don’t have any literary plans — I close my eyes, think about it and choose!


  11. Traveller says:

    My plans definitely include trying to complete my 100 books! I am way behind schedule, but to be fair, it was a pretty tough schedule to keep.I posted you some recommendatons for Spanish reading and a link to some of Spain’s best contemporary authors on my blog where you commented – hope you find something you like the sound of!


  12. Lesley says:

    My reading plans are to get through the books I’ve slated for the challenges I’ve not been able to resist. Speaking of which, I just posted one of my own. 😉Before you know it, we’ll all be posting our ‘end of the year’ recap lists – gasp!


  13. danielle says:

    Are you going to provide short story ideas for your challenge? That sounds like fun. When are you going to read Dud Avocado–I should read it, too…not that I don’t already have enough books going…


  14. Sherry says:

    <>Dracula<>‘s a pretty good book, filled with a lot of repressed Victorian sexuality that surprised me.


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