Friday Buzz – What’s new in short stories

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are some random happenings going on in the short story world:

June 1 New Yorker: Works by two of the best short story writers are featured: William Trevor and George Saunders. Check it out!

Steven McDermott collection: Storyglossia editor Steven McDermott’s new collection Winter of Different Directions is now available. Storyglossia was recently named Best Online Publication by Million Writers.

Charles Baxter on the craft of fiction: Short story master and novelist Charles Baxter has a new book coming out: The Art of Subtext.

Reading how you’re read: This article examines how you can evaluate criticism of your fiction.

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3 Responses to Friday Buzz – What’s new in short stories

  1. nova says:

    Such great links! The Saunders story now has me thinking of my own Mythical Vignettes…


  2. Kate S. says:

    Thanks for highlighting all things short story. It’s such a joy to have befriended fellow short story fans in the blogosphere! I’m coveting that Baxter book…


  3. I just picked up “The Hill bachelors”


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