Thoughts for Thursday – General mayhem

First of all: I’m so very excited about the great and varied response to the Short Story Short Challenge and my post on 10 favorite short stories! Will definitely be exploring this topic periodically. I hope everyone is inspired to read at least one or two new authors or, if you’re not a short story aficionado, to try one. (I dare you to read one on my list and not be blown away.)

Second: Can’t let David Halberstam’s death go by without comment. In my undergrad years, as a journalism student, I read his “The Best and the Brightest” (the Kennedy Administration and VietNam War) and “The Powers that Be” (on the American media). He was of the old school: exhaustive research, in-depth analysis, and above all, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.

He died by being broad-sided.

Third: About 100 pages in to Proust vol. 2. God, I just love Proust! You really have to give yourself up to him. I don’t try to “understand everything;” a reader simply can’t. There is too much. You just read and enjoy the process of reading and then, suddenly, when you are not quite aware, the prose clicks. I imagine it’s how a child learns how to speak. I feel I am such a better reader for having read Proust, and I’m sure I will feel that way about my writing.

Four: Joined up with the Tilting at Windmills group! Going to start Don Quixote in the midst of reading Proust. What a masochist. But, this is a group and an objective too stellar to miss out on. I imagine I will cower on the sidelines, shocked and awed by everyone else’s insights and progress. Sort of like the bunny-slope skier straggling behind a group of Olympians. But, that’s how one learns. Thanks, Dorothy W., for organizing. Good call!
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9 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday – General mayhem

  1. I read ‘The Reckoning’ by Halberstam and was completely blown away. It was great. Then I read his book ‘The Fifties’ another great book. His death was really a sad thing to hear about.


  2. Nonanon says:

    Good luck with Don Quixote, LK. I checked it out from the library, felt how much it weighed, turned it right back in. Sigh. Although now maybe I will have the time to get right on some David Halberstam…


  3. Dorothy W. says:

    You’re welcome, LK! I’m so glad to have lots of people reading along with me. And I’m looking forward to your posts on DQ!


  4. iliana says:

    Yay you’ve joined the Windmills gang. I’m excited but a bit scared too. ha,ha.


  5. stefanie says:

    You describe reading Proust so nicely. Glad you’re enjoying vol 2!


  6. I’m with you on the Proust/Cervantes masochistic kick! I start Proust next week and I can’t wait, after reading your description of the experience. I’m really looking forward to it.-Sarah


  7. Andi says:

    You’re inspiring me to pick up some Proust. I’m a little surprised I haven’t read any of his stuff before now. Let’s see what I can BookMooch of his. 🙂


  8. danielle says:

    I had no idea that Halberstam died. I really need to watch the news more often…I really want to read Proust. Maybe towards the end of the year…Glad to hear you joined the DQ group. I’m not sure I would read it had I not joined, so this is perfect. I’m not sure I’ll have many insightful posts, but I am sure other readers will! It’s nice–when you are not in a Cervantes mood, you can read Proust and vice versa!


  9. Jodie Sorrell says:

    are you still going, or given up on your blog.


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