I am not a big fantasy/sci-fi buff, never have been. I figure this world has enough interesting people and plots to deal with; why add distant planets or goofy names to the mix? But, I’m trying.

I think I’ll check out the Best American Fantasy 2006 for starters. (Here’s a sneak peak, via Edward Champion.)

Then there’s Carl V.’s Once Upon a Time Challenge (god, I love Carl’s challenges!). He has listed some damned fine choices (I also think Kailana chooses some good examples of the genre.) While I cannot devote so much time to the entire challenge, I thought I’d try one or two. (I hope Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth counts, since I already have that one.) I’ll sleuth around and see if something, anything strikes my fancy.

It’s perfectly okay to have strong reading preferences, and I certainly don’t want to waste my time on crap when there are so many classics I need to read but…doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind. Who knows? I might develop a taste for intergalactic romance or Hobbity type creatures. Anything’s possible.

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  1. Brandon says:

    I’ll enjoy watching your progress on this challenge. I’m not going to be joining in; I have a lot on the table at the moment–“Don Quixote” and my move to Florida, primarily. I’ll be taking a hiatus from blogging next month too, while I get settled. Plus, I’ve been feeling the need to get away; blogging is beginning to turn into a chore for me. And, looking over some recent posts, I think it’s evident that I’ve been half-assing lately.


  2. I loved a lot of Ray Bradbury, (Something Wicked this Way Comes, Farenheit 451, etc…and Robert Heinline (sp) (Stranger in a Strange Land) Vonnegut’s ‘Player Piano’ always had that sci fi feel to it -for me anyway.philip K. Dick is worth reading. But I know what you mean, it isn’t my fave genre. (but I’d prefer it to romances and the overload of crime novels)


  3. LK says:

    I hear ya, Brandon, I feel pretty overwhelmed and underblogged myself these days.I’ll read one or two of the genre, but probably not more than that. I’ve got soooo many other novels and nonfiction books that I really WANT to read.


  4. Kailana says:

    You and fantasy is like me and classics. People always ask me why I don’t read more classics, and it is not because I don’t try, it is because, well, most my attempts have turned into flops. I, of course, like some, but what happens is I either hate them or I love them, there is no in between.I tried to read Labyrinth last year and it was okay, but you know, I never did finish it… just didn’t float my boat. If you are not super big on fantasy, my suggestion to you is to look for historical fantasy. Books that take place on earth could be more appealing than a made up world. Just a thought. 🙂


  5. Something Wicked This Way comes was so very good, I read it again, years later. Farenheit 451 is all about the total love of books, and how necessary they are to sustain us. The ending is so incredible. The film (Francois Truffaut) is also great.


  6. iliana says:

    I don’t know how well I’ll do with the challenge but I’m pretty excited about reading a genre I don’t normally read. Oh and go in with low expectations on Labyrinth. Just saying…


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