Thoughts for Thursday – March Essays

Yeah, it’s World Book Day, whatever the hell that is: I’m sure you’ll find other bloggers celebrating away, shredding pages of old books into confetti and urging readers into bookstores with little tin horns.

Not here. (Oh, no, I’m not against the World or Books or even Days. I am just being cranky, pure and simple, about invented celebrations.)

Today is March 1, and that ushers in my Month of Essays. And do I have some beauties!

The London Scene: Six Essays by Virginia Woolf (doubles as a travel guide, too!)

First and the Last by Isaiah Berlin (includes his final essay, My Intellectual Path)

Why Do I Love These People: Understanding, Surviving and Creating Your Own Family by Po Bronson (as I rarely mention my family, you must get an inkling of why this book appeals)

Hundred White Daffodils by Jane Kenyon (I’ve been inspired by all of the Kenyon poetry bloggers posted in the past year, plus she discusses her battles with depression)

… among essays I intend to read by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joan Didion and whoever else strikes my fancy.

AND I am expecting delivery this month of a new book of essays on Sylvia Plath.

Not sure I’ll make it through the entire list, but that’s what I like about essays: You can dip and delve into them, one by one, versus having to devour volumes whole, as novels require.

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11 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday – March Essays

  1. Andi says:

    Sounds like an excellent selection of essays at your disposal! The Woolf sounds especially tempting. 🙂 Enjoy!


  2. Ex Libris says:

    I read A Hundred White Daffodils last year and absolutely loved it! I hope you will enjoy it, too.


  3. LK says:

    Andi, I’ll let you know how Woolf goes. (I already love the book design.)Ex Libris, I probably heard about it from your blog. I’m terrible about keeping track of who recommended what — trying to get better. I am looking forward to reading it!!!


  4. Dorothy W. says:

    Great list! I’d like to read the Kenyon book at some point.


  5. kim.more says:

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  6. danielle says:

    But, you’re a nice cranky! Please tell us about your readings as you go! I want to read more essays, too!


  7. Reed says:

    *Makes note to read more essays forthwith*I am currently reading WH Auden’s ‘The Dyer’s Hand’, so have inadvertantly joined in the Essay Reading Month.


  8. Dark Orpheus says:

    I was curious about “Why Do I Love These People” actually, but haven’t found many people who’ve read it. I’m curious to find out how you like it.As for the Virginia Woolf collection, does it include that essay about her going out looking for a pencil? Read about it from Ann Fadiman’s “Ex Libris” but can’t seem to find the collection.Happy reading.


  9. Stefanie says:

    You are so right about being able to dip into essays as compared to the commitment of a novel. Though I found first with Montaigne and now with Emerson, that you can’t read just one. Woolf too, she is a master at the essay.


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  11. LK says:

    Luckily for me, it escaped everyone that I invented my own celebration, after knocking poor old World Book Day!


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