Friday Buzz – Habitual Reader web site

Here is yet another way the Internet is changing the face of books and publishing. Check out Habitual Reader, a site from Komenar Publishing.

As a marketing tool, it’s inexpensive, interactive – a good way to start buzz about your line. But one potential pitfall is that readers find the reviews and comments limiting and too actuated from self-interest.

Looks like Habitual Reader sidesteps the issue by allowing readers to review any books – including those not in Komenar’s line.

My question is: Will the site allow critical reviews of any books, particularly its own? Will the owners censor (without readers knowing what is censored and why)?

All will be revealed in time. For now, I will visit this site now and again to see how it’s faring.

Thanks to Lisa at Breaking the Fourth Wall for tipping me off on this one.

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4 Responses to Friday Buzz – Habitual Reader web site

  1. The woman who runs Komenar is also a writing teacher and will be at the Jack London Writer’s Conference in March, and possibly SFWC in a couple of weeks. I’m sure she’ll be talking about this in her sessions…


  2. LK says:

    Interesting. I hope I can make to the JLWC…


  3. Hi LK,

    We’re thrilled you mentioned us in your blog! Thanks! We are very excited about the challenge you proposed. We actually addressed your comments on The Habitual Reader.

    Not only do we welcome critique and criticism of KOMENAR titles, but we also encourage open discussion of all fiction titles.

    So, yes! Critique our titles – fire away! And we’d love a Habitual Reader profile from you.

    Nick Ponticello
    Manager of Operations
    KOMENAR Publishing


  4. LK says:

    Thanks, Nick, always willing and glad to spread news that encourages reading.


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