Well, it’s 2007

I’ve been felled by a nasty cold, which left me voiceless from the day after Christmas until now. And I still sound like a cross between Demi Moore and a geriatric parrot. So much for getting caught up during my vacation.

And now I’m behind in the blogworld. Alas.

At least the damned holidays are over.

I think the New Year was rung in at some point, was it not? Wishing peace, health and prosperity in 2007 for all.

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7 Responses to Well, it’s 2007

  1. Sheri says:

    Happy new year LK. Hope you feel better and welcome back!


  2. iliana says:

    Oh that’s not the way to start the New Year. Sorry to hear it. Hope you feel much better soon!


  3. ugh what a way to spend the holiday! welcome back to the blog world and happy new year!


  4. LK says:

    Yes, there’s been entirely too much whining already in 2007. The Literate Kitten vows to take a new cat-titude, despite coughs, colds and dreary work schedules.

    A merry one to you all! I look forward to catching up on all my blog reading…


  5. Kate S. says:

    Welcome back LK! I’ve missed your witty posts and comments in your absence. I’m sorry to hear that it was illness keeping you away rather than decadent vacationing. I hope that you feel better soon and that you have a very happy new year with plenty of wonderful reading in it!


  6. Carl V. says:

    Happy New Year and welcome back!


  7. Pauline says:

    Welcome back, LK, and happy new year! I wish you good health and lots of happy readings!


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